Centrale Bacolod Home Design Tips – The Effects of Paint Color on Mood and Psych

purple roomIf you’re thinking of having your walls repainted, consider your options and the effect some paint colors will have on your psych and mood. Generally, cool colors like blue, green and purple will have a relaxing effect on your disposition while warm shades of red, yellow and orange will energize you.

Here is a short description of what moods and effects some color tones can produce in your home surroundings:

Purple can calm and stimulate moods at the same time. It is known to inspire creativity in artists, musicians, and designers. It boosts imagination and daydreaming and at the same time can produce a relaxing effect in a bedroom.

Blue is a favorite color in many cultures, it slows down the heartbeat and respiratory system producing a relaxing and tranquilizing effect. It inhibits appetite and does the opposite of warm colors that can make you feel hungry.

Red can energize but can be overwhelming if used in excess. It induces appetite and can make people upbeat and more sociable. To balance the effects of this color, tone it down with some green or blue or use it sparingly on an accent wall in your living or dining room.

Green is a current designer favorite for 2013 but has long been a staple color in many homes due to its relaxing effect. Color psychologists say that it is the best shade to use on walls for a library or study room due to its ability to help concentration.

Yellow produces a cheerful environment which is a color that is also linked to happiness, hope and joy. Too much exposure to yellow can also lead to feelings of anxiety. Studies have revealed that using this color in nurseries can lead to babies crying more often.

When using colorful paint, always remember to use balance and moderation. You can mix cool and warm shades in a room to tone down overwhelming effects of some colors like red. You can use strong colors on accent walls balancing the effect with neutral shades for the rest of the room.

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